according to the report, with daily price monitoring, conducted by the prosecutors of the Moscow region and Moscow regional OFAS was the increased cost of medical masks one of the companies in wholesale trading of pharmaceutical products.

“By results of check of execution of the current legislation in the formation of prices for medical masks, it was established that in the period from December 2019 to February 2020, the company purchased a three-layer protective masks for the price of 7.29 rubles for 1 piece. The price of realization of the masks for this period has increased to 957%”, – underlined in the message.

it is Also noted that the audit was conducted in order to counteract unreasonably high prices for food and goods in terms of spreading in the country coronavirus infection.

Moscow OFAS Russia, the report said controller, sent an appeal on the fact of unreasonable overestimate of the prices of masks in the Department of economic security and fighting corruption Department of the MIA of Russia in Moscow region with the purpose of bringing to the criminal responsibility of the perpetrators.