The announcer of Soviet television, Anna Shatilova, suggested “changing the pitch” to the presenter of Channel One, Ekaterina Andreeva. This is reported by .

According to Shatilova, Andreeva should intonationally change the pitch in order to “put a period at the end of the sentence.”

“She ends sentences with a question intonationally, and there should be a dot at the end of each sentence,” said the Soviet television announcer.

Shatilova said that her teacher was Olga Sergeevna Vysotskaya, People’s Artist of the USSR, founder of the profession of radio announcer.

“She really paid attention to just that. The sentence is over — you put an end to it,” Shatilova explained.

According to her, it is possible that Andreeva reads the text with such intonation due to the fact that “the prompter goes too fast.”

Earlier, Andreeva told how she managed to keep her composure when the incident with Ovsyannikova occurred in the studio.