August, a well-known albino dog in the capital, has died. According to the owner, the health of the three-year-old pet was constantly deteriorating, so he had to be put down, reports “Mir 24”.

“After the increased pain, the dog August was euthanized according to the European standard for humane euthanization of animals in Skolkovo near Moscow and cremated in a private crematorium according to the law of the Russian Federation,” the man wrote on his page in the social network.

In the spring of 2018, the dog was found in a stable and a mistress was found for him via the Internet, but a week later the woman returned him. After that, a man met him and fell in love with the sick animal with all his soul.

Due to albinism, the dog could only walk in the evenings, since the pet could not be exposed to bright light because of the delicate skin. Every year he got worse. August could not hear well, suffered from strabismus and could hardly walk.

After meeting with the dog, the famous rock musician Sergey Sirotkin dedicated a song to him, which he performed at one of his concerts this spring.