The famous athletes gave advice on the preservation of the shape in isolation

the answer to the question: what to do in that time while big-time sports is on pause, everyone has their own.

for Example, player Daniil Medvedev has given the opportunity for hours on end playing the football game FIFA-20, the biathletes of the Russian team take to the training in the forest only one, observing all precautions. But the star hockey player, the leader of the club NHL Washington capitals Alexander Ovechkin almost has not parted with a grown son, Sergei, although on physical exertion also forgotten.

of Course, many well-known athletes are ready to share their secrets to maintaining good form with readers “RG-Weeks”.

Lidia Ivanova: Libra keep it close!

two-time Olympic champion at the Melbourne 1956 and Rome 1960 Olympic gymnastics, coach, referee, commentator Lidia Ivanova:

Photo: iStock in isolation to keep the love and strong nerves

– I live in the country, and it saves me. To use your muscles, the body is easy, and no need to invent anything. See the number of cars that the city came to many people. So for gardeners, the easiest is walking. Every day I walk at least 3 km: not running, not rushing, but kept a good pace. Neighbors, too, are forced to move, because movement is life. But in our situation, even walking you need with the distancing and other precautionary measures.

the city, those who are in apartments, this is not possible. I understand and welcome the isolation. We must try and endure, we must keep the spread of this infection, not help the fact that all over the country, specifically everyone. Physical exercise in the house can also be arranged. Moreover, many have the basic equipment, sports equipment. And even if not, you can poprisedat to peakloads, stretch, do some crunches, depending on age category. You can lie on the floor on a Mat and at least a foot to podnimat to the abdomen to shake.

as soon as released, just think of what I could eat. All this I took in his long sporting life. Have these thoughts distract you. And scales not to be removed. In principle, force yourself for 15 minutes a day to move and everyone can. Even grandparents. I even had a great-grandmother.

Lidia Ivanova: to Force myself to move 15 minutes a day every

In this situation I sympathize with professional athletes who are used to the endless hours of daily exercise, not just to charge or exercise. They are cancelled or transferred to camps, competitions, including the Olympics. And that is a problem. Of course, they are competent, they will maintain the form to keep the weight off. But many will not be able to reach the peak and get to the Games, moved to another date.

Sergei Tarakanov: Move, even when you do not want

the Olympic champion of Seoul 1988 basketball Sergei Tarakanov:

We isolated themselves on March 8, when he flew in transit through Rome. Immediately went to the cottage. Since forever here. Morally, of course, a little hard. Because life, the world, everything changed. And you need to get used to new realities. I hope these realities will not last a very long time. In basketball I have not played and do fitness regularly. Here you are I was just caught when he was about to do training on the bike. To measure the opportunities offered by the country, trying to walk without violating the regime of self-isolation, move. It is necessary to disperse the blood to keep moving, even when you do not want.

Study: Teens who suffer the most in conditions of isolation

it is Clear that the mode of the day is a little broken. For example, as for sleep, we have a regime has not changed much. Just a little late, get up late. Personally, I’m not very happy, but it’s pretty easy to change. Perhaps someone have slightly adjusted the diet: not so often and not so abundant there. There is only discipline. Athletes in this plan somewhat simpler. They have, so to speak, and established criteria for life.

If you take professional basketball players, probably the only units able to have at this time a full workout, throw the ball into the ring. The rest must be content with exercises on simulators, and other improvised means. But the athletes can’t complain: plenty of people who have much more difficult.

I advise Everyone to be optimistic, to give more attention to himself. It is not only important how we will do this time, but we’re ready to get out of it. Now have the opportunity to do those things that we procrastinate on your free time. Usually when this free day, we try to cram all at once. Now it is possible to safely put a tick to every day was not just.

Andrey Yeshchenko: I Want to learn English

the football Player Moscow “Spartaka” Andrey Eschenko

– the Coaching staff handed us the job, we all have special GPS sensors, which transmit a signal to the coaching staff. We were doing the exercises, the coaches watched online. In a word, was the individual work at home. What do you do in your free time? I live in the village, so I’m a little easier than some other guys. Went out for a stroll on the lawn, played Playstation, watched a movie, read a book before going to sleep and that’s it. Still working in English. Want to learn this language. Used to go to a special school, but in connection with known events, it is temporarily closed.

Yulia Kaplina: Warning – the stretch

a Member of the national team of Russia in rock climbing, the owner of the license of the participant of the Olympic games-2020:

Photo: / nastyashubskaya Alexander Ovechkin has told, how spends time in isolation

– you will Need to put a lot of effort to get in shape before the European championship, which was postponed to June. I have several sessions a day. There is no opportunity to climb, more time to devote to those exercises, which usually didn’t have time. For example, stretching. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes.

Well, at home I have many different sport of equipment with which to engage in General physical and special physical training. Dumbbells, vest-weighting, balls, hemisphere… Now bought the Swedish wall, horizontal bar, fingerboard to install at home. A year ago, thought: to do or not? It seemed that this may happen that you are not able to go? But that’s happened. In General, now trying to try something new. In Instagram to talk about their training. Also during the quarantine, do self-development, reading, learning.