Two senior citizens from Philadelphia have tied the knot at the ages of 102 and 100. They met in a senior citizens’ facility.

Marjorie Fiterman (102) and Bernie Littman (100) have found true love again despite their age. The two seniors from Philadelphia, USA, even recently got married, as “Fox News” reports. 

The two celebrated their wedding on Sunday, May 19th at a retirement facility. They also met there. They started dating over nine years ago. To the delight of the families. According to Bernie’s granddaughter, everyone was thrilled that he had found someone to do things and spend time with.

Rabbi Adam Wohlberg performed the wedding. At the wedding ceremony, he said: “Most of the couples I get married these days met through some kind of dating app.” However, he would prefer the old way. “You live in the same building, you meet by chance and fall in love,” he was quoted as saying by Fox News.

This is not the first marriage for either of them. For example, Bernie was married to his late wife Bernice for 65 years.

As the Federal Statistical Office announced, women in Germany were on average 32.6 years old when they married for the first time in 2022. The age of the men was 35.1 years. Things looked different in 2002. The women were on average 28.8 years old and the men were 31.8 years old. 

Ursula (98) and Gottfried (102) were able to celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary – they married in 1944. According to the State Chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate, they are currently the longest married couple in Germany.

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