Brussels – Anderlecht

After the riots in brussels on Saturday, calling for both the mayor Fabrice Cumps (PS) and the family of Agile calm. The 19-year-old Adil came on Friday evening in an accident between a scooter and a car. Immediately, on social media, an incitement to riot. On Saturday it was all day, restless in the congregation, a hundred or so young people came out on to the street. They bekogelden the police with stones and combination was to in a politiewapen stolen. The peace returned, it was only in the course of the night, but the police department also maintained on easter Sunday, and the next few days and keep you alert.

“in the end, 57 people on the occasion of the riot, was arrested,” says the spokesperson for the police, Adeline Roty of the police force of Brussels-to-South fri night. “It was a stormy night, with the office of the commissioner of the Raadsplein was pelted with stones. There were a few windows, and the office of the commissioner is set by the municipal authority, secured the ingesmeten of diamonds is to be prepared. There have been, over the past night, five cars from private owners, it was set on fire. One of a police officer, it was sick, but it was in no way connected to the riots, one young person was touched during the riots Saturday night and wounded.”

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“in Certain areas of our town had a Saturday in a very tough day,” it is the mayor Fabrice Cumps (PS) from Anderlecht to admit it. “Our thoughts are with during this trial in the first place, and especially to the families of young Adil, who suffered a terrible tragedy. “I am,” in the name of all the Anderlechtenaren, my condolences to offer to his mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. I have the us expressed sympathy with the untold grief that accompanies the loss of a child. I have promised to ensure an independent investigation into the circumstances of the tragedy, an investigation that will be led by the public prosecutor’s office.”

the Dignity

“The witness of a lot of dignity,” said the mayor. “They stressed to me that they are not in any way involved in the appeal to the assembly, which, since Friday night, the social network about. I was forced to take into account all of the possible scenarios, the most violent included in the price. In the worst scenario, unfortunately, become a reality. A few hundred rioters gathered Saturday afternoon, and had the sole purpose of a confrontation with the police, and do not come to the victim’s work together to commemorate him.”

“The police, when they found that the rioters are violent, and were immediately very decisively dealt with. Sorrow and grief can not be used as an excuse for violence. After several hours of confrontation, many of the steenworpen, and several wrecked police cars, more than 45 arrests have occurred. In the evening the situation was under control. However, the police department will remain at the ready. I appeal to everyone to be calm in the next few days. The limited freedom of movement in the context of the appointment financial crisis weigh heavily enough for many of us, we would not have any difficulties to add to that,” concludes the mayor.

“In the mourning”:

The uncle of the Agile distributed according to the newspaper La libre Belgique is also a clear message on social media in English, French and Arabic: “I am the uncle of Adil, who is now at peace, resting. I am asking everyone to get on with things, to destroy it, please. We are still in mourning and our hearts are struck by a deep sadness. We are asking for and the memory of Agile will not be perceived. Please pray for him and let the court do its job.”

“The public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the circumstances of the accident,” confirmed the spokesperson for the police Willemien is Why the public prosecutor in Brussels on Saturday. “The facts for yourself: Friday night, around 21 pm, the police patrol the Zone of Brussels-South and two of the scooters on the Raadsplein in brussels. They are the names of the flight, and the police gave chase. At that, chase left the team. One of them disappeared without a trace, and the second one drove in the direction of Nijverheidskaai. There was a police car that reinforcements were called for. The man on the scooter pulled out in a truck and drove head-on into the left side of the patrol car. Agile (19), and died at the scene from his injuries.”