Dubious surprise got the eldest daughter of the first President of Kazakhstan and the Senate President Dariga Nazarbayeva on the eve of his birthday on 7 may. On Saturday morning, the current President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev issued a decree Stripping her Senator. Thus, Dariga automatically ceased to be the second person in the country: Kazakhstan the President of the Senate de facto perform the functions of Vice-President.

Given that Dariga Nursultanovna not particularly hidden his desire to remove the prefix “Vice” from the informal title of his post, it is exactly about a very important and significant event in Kazakhstan’s politics. But here’s the background of this event? Most likely, we are dealing with the agreed decision of the two presidents – former and current. And caused this decision with very high probability, a string of scandals, the characters of which regularly is itself Dariga, and her suffering from drug dependence son Aysultan.

only a few days ago, Dariga Nazarbayeva continued to show frantic activity, designed to show that it is not idle, occupying the post of President of the Senate. In particular, “Madame Vice President” called for device indicative of the courts, spoke out against “the silence of the drug problem” and thoughtfully speculate about the need for “belt-tightening”.

the last Two points are of particular interest in light of the events that are happening in my personal life most of Dariga Nazarbayeva. It very early became a drug addict son Aysultan lives in London and for some time regularly amuses Republic of their posts on social networks. He alternately blames prominent Kazakh politicians, including their relatives, quite monstrous acts humbly in front of them apologizes, repents of sin, gives the religious the opening of the “universal value” and other and other. At the same time, London has become the arena of large-scale financial scandal connected with Dariga. Irreverent British financial authorities have blocked her access to Bank accounts, which are acquired is not very clear, but certainly overwork multimillion-dollar sum.

All of these events, as I was told, most likely, was the reason for removing Dariga Nazarbayeva with the second most important post in the country. Supposedly, all this buffoonery began to apply excessively strong damage to the reputation of Kazakhstan and its senior management. But regardless of the reason, the decree Tokayev exactly caused the positive response in the environment of the Kazakh elite and the common population. Dariga is definitely extraordinary and many-sided developed personality. Remember, for example, a strong impression on me visiting her operas��wow concert in the Bolshoi theater in Moscow.

But to claim that Nazarbayev’s eldest daughter had inherited from his father’s political talents, his charisma, his ability to get along with people, I would not dare. Dariga has a talent to alienate a variety of people and a very critical attitude to their own abilities.

After the sudden resignation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev from the post of the incumbent President of Kazakhstan last spring, many were convinced that the new President Tokayev – a purely temporary and transitional piece that will soon be replaced with Dariga. However, such a prospect – at the moment it is not clear, real or illusory – met negative reaction of different forces and social groups.

Very wary of the guest, as far as I know, are in Moscow. According to rumors, one time Chairman of the Senate of Kazakhstan was very active in trying to qualify for a personal meeting with Putin. However, all these attempts were stopped by a polite but firm refusal: “sorry, Mr President very busy!”

And now, at Dariga’s not even the position of President of the Senate. The details of how that decision was taken, we learn very soon. But this decision was definitely consistent. Kazakhstan operated on the basis of two keys.

Tokayev to decide many issues, but don’t forget to “consult” with his predecessor. What will happen to Dariga ahead? Possible temporary or permanent care in the shade. Perhaps the availability of other, less significant posts after a break to “rest”. In any case, the resignation of such a controversial figure from the post of “Vice President” will have a stabilizing impact on Kazakh policy. Will breathe more freely now and he Tokayev, and many of his subordinates. However, let’s wait and see. Kazakhstan’s policy is not in vain is known for its unexpected “twists on twists”. It is not excluded that Dariga Nazarbayeva has not yet officiated at the funeral of his last political Opera arias.