As a result of explosion in Beirut, injuring more than 3.7 million people, 73 people were killed, reported TV channel “al-Hadas”, citing the Ministry of health of Lebanon. The explosion occurred a few hours ago in the port city. The exact cause of the explosion is unknown. Estimated to seismologists, the power of the explosion was equivalent to earthquake of magnitude 4.5.Earlier, the Ministry of health of Lebanon has instructed all the city hospitals to take the wounded at the expense of the Department. People have a lot of shrapnel wounds due to shattered throughout the city showcases. A few hours after the explosion, hospitals in the capital were overcrowded. To help emergency services directed the military of the country.The Lebanese authorities announced on 5 August a day of mourning. My condolences to Beirut was expressed by the leaders of many countries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Readiness to provide Lebanon with the necessary aid expressed Turkey, USA, France. Humanitarian aid offered by Israel.Read more in the material “Kommersant” “”cries of Beirut””.