American President trump continues to insist on an artificial origin, coronavirus, claiming that it has evidence that the infection was developed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Meanwhile at the top the U.S. authorities are exploring options for “punishment” of China due to the outbreak in its territory of a pandemic.

In the White house and Congress, there are accusations against Beijing, that there had concealed important information for coronavirus and refused to cooperate with international organizations in the field of health. Chinese authorities have repeatedly rejected accusations that they had acted fast enough to resist the virus. And even more so in the PRC strongly deny “man-made” version of the origin Covid-19.

meanwhile, the President of trump at a press conference in the White house suggested that the United States will require China’s hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation for the caused the pandemic of harm. The us President also said it is considering additional measures to punish China, but did not specify what exactly has in mind.

according to The Washington Post co reference to several high-ranking administration officials, searching retaliatory measures against China.

According to sources, trump and his aides are privately discussing the question of depriving China of its “sovereign immunity” to enable the government of the United States or the victims of the coronavirus to sue China for damages. “Sovereign immunity” – a legal doctrine that prevents the prosecution of the government or its political subdivisions, departments and institutions without his consent. This doctrine is based on the old English principle that the monarch can not do wrong. Under American law, in particular, the Federal government and state governments usually are immune from lawsuits.

Previously held the position of senior Manager at the Trump Organization George Sorial, which is involved in a class action against China, told The Washington Post that he and senior White house officials discussed the limitation of the sovereign immunity of China. However, legal experts believe that the attempt to limit the sovereign immunity of China would be extremely difficult, and this may require support from Congress.

Some members of the administration also discussed that the United States would relinquish part of its debt to China (according to the us Treasury their size is about $1.1 trillion). But whether to support the President this idea remains unclear.

the trump recently said that the abolition of interest payments China could undermine “the sanctity of the dollar”, but added that there are other ways to impose on Beijing the huge penalties through the imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports.

the White house Sources emphasize, that many of these discussions are still preliminary. Other administration officials have warned trump from trying to punish China, Recalling that from this country in the United States are supplied that assist Americans in meeting the challenges of the pandemic.

“Now is not the time, says one of the senior administration officials who participated in these discussions. – There will be a time to do it.”

But in the last days, says The Washington Post, there are signs that the battle between the precautionary approach to China advisers of the administration on economic issues and national security team to take revenge on the Beijing, the initiative goes to the position of national security.

“the Punishment of China – this is definitely something that targeted the President,” – said a senior source.

Some political advisors also urged trump to take more decisive action against China, because they think it will help him politically, writes The Washington Post.

– the United States must be evaluated by in the framework of the campaign trump, – comment on reports about the discussion in the us top ways to punish Beijing head of the sector of the economy and politics of China, Institute of world economy and international Affairs. E. M. Primakov, Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Lukonin. – America is facing a high mortality due to the coronavirus, and so now good by any statements that switched the attention of the public from the mistakes made by the American authorities on China.

to Discuss now can be anything – and the abandonment of the debt, and the restriction of China’s sovereignty. But in any case, the US will shoot itself in the foot and cut the branch on which they sit. Because America claims to be a global leader as global leader needs to behave differently, responsibly, to respect agreements and international obligations. So I don’t think it would come to real action against China. Separate populist decisions in different States are likely to be accepted.

as for the hypothetical ideas of the failure of the US debt is likely to be impossible. Because debt U.S. obligations is not only China, but almost all the rest of the country, as it is one of the most reliable tools storage capital and diversification of gold and foreign exchange reserves. And if America is doing so in China, how other countries will react to d��action of the United States? Can start dumping us debt paper and they will start to drop. Thus can be triggered by a deeper and more terrible crisis.

And we must not forget that China in its economic and innovative power has not reached the level of the United States, but it has enough features in order to get revenge – at least since the various types of production that do not have time to transfer (and will take in the near future) in America. Including chemical, pharmaceutical industry. For example, the Chinese can stop the supply to the USA of components from which to make medicines. Or to stop the supply of the medicines, which are made in China. Well, in addition, Beijing can attract the country who are sympathetic to the Chinese position.

– given the potential of anti-Chinese actions of Washington does the likelihood of a new outbreak of trade war between the two countries?

Between China and America signed an agreement for the first phase of a large commercial transaction, which spelled out the main Chinese commitments to the United States. Therefore, the intensity of the reference us-China trade wars has decreased, but now analysts and experts doubt that China can take advantage of the situation a state of emergency and renounce obligations. But I believe that Beijing from its obligations not to refuse, because China is interested in becoming a true global power and one of the world leaders. And will behave accordingly, make every effort to show the world that it performs the transaction and the conditions under which it is signed. But to exclude the fact that the implementation of any commitments will be delayed, too, is impossible.

for his part, Deputy Director of the Institute for Far Eastern studies, Director of the Center for economic and social studies of China Andrey Ostrovsky believes that Beijing can respond to Washington’s actions:

– The simplest measure is: China can simply threaten to roll out to the global market he has accumulated us bonds more than a trillion dollars. This will collapse the dollar – with all its implications for world currencies and first of all for us. These games are like playing with a nuclear bomb. The situation is the same when one country tells another that she is unhappy and is threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb on its territory. In fact, U.S.-Chinese trade war, as experience has shown, did not bring anything good to either America or China. But China has lost, in my opinion, less than the United States. But a trade war hooked and the rest of the world, and some countries were innocent victims. ��AK will be this time, if America will realize their attempt. But I think trump is trying to use this move in light of the presidential campaign, which – despite the coronavirus – is.And in early November will be the election of the President, and trump, which is still about four months ago had very high chances of re-election, is now losing ground step by step. In this situation, we need new moves to attract the attention of the voters to vote for him. All about it..