MOSCOW, may 4 – RIA Novosti. Almost everyone has encountered a telemarketing fraud, and as practice shows, in the period of crisis and unstable situations, the likelihood of such calls to unsuspecting citizens is increasing, said the RIA Novosti expert of the project of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on financial literacy Dmitry Yanin.

the Expert explained how to properly respond to calls from banks and avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

the spokesman said that the caller “security service” may ask you to reveal the card numbers, codes, or ask to introduce them to unverified sites. In this case, the probability is high that talking to you scammers, and in this situation it is best to hang up and contact your Bank at the telephone number on the card or on the website of the Bank.

the Expert believes that the most vulnerable to this type of fraud – “these are our parents” and to protect them, you can set limits on transactions on the card.

“Setting limits is free, and such restrictions will allow you to protect yourself from writing off large amounts. That is, if you become a victim of fraud, you will not lose the entire amount that is on the map, but only within the established limit”, – concluded the expert.