MOSCOW, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. The Russians when dealing with collectors should not reveal the whole story about yourself, you need to record conversations with them, and after the call should be to contact the named company and to make sure that were called out, told RIA Novosti the project expert of the Ministry of Finance on financial literacy, “Finsac” Lyudmila Kirillova.

Kirillov recalled that at the beginning of each case a direct interaction at the initiative of the collector must inform the debtor of their surname, name and patronymic. If the collector does not tell which Agency he or she represents his name and on what basis he calls, the debtor can end the conversation, he said.

“it is Desirable to record all conversations with collectors to you was evidence of going beyond the law if it will take place”, she added.

If the violation was, the expert urged to contact the internal Affairs bodies and the Federal service of court bailiffs of complaint.

Kirillov reminded that the debtor has the right to refuse interaction with the creditor or collector. Such a statement must be sent by registered mail with return receipt requested or by delivery of the application on receipt. It shall be sent not earlier than four months from the date of occurrence of delay of execution of obligations of the debtor. Even if the debtor has consented to the interaction with collectors, any time he may revoke it, signed Kirillov.