unless absolutely necessary it is better not to leave your smartphone charging overnight, as this may have a negative impact on his work. This was reported to the Agency Prime the head of the Department of analysis and IT studies the Higher school of financial management Mikhail Kogan.

As the expert noted, manufacturers do not suggest to lower the battery level is below 20-30%, and also to bring the phone to completely turn off, if you want longer use the device. Also, do not bring the phone up to full charge, as it also leads to rapid deterioration of battery performance.

According to information of a specialized Agency, Battery University is to maintain optimal battery charge in the range of 30-80%. This level will increase the number of full cycles of charge-discharge at least twice. According to experts, to monitor the battery status, you can use special tools, able to automatically stop the charge at the user-specified value.

however, this method may not be a panacea, if you leave the unit on charge all night, because the load on the batteries will remain. Therefore it is better to charge the phone before sleep or after awakening, and also to make a special reminder, the expert said.

Kogan also added that modern smartphones are less of a health risk to their owners than phones that were used a few years ago. In the batteries of modern smartphones charging process is regulated by a microchip that allows you to maintain a comfortable work with your smartphone even with low charge, concluded the expert.

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