the head of the Federation of hoteliers of Turkey, Sururi Corabatir commented on the cost of holidays in this country, stating that it will remain the same as last year. In order to attract customers, he said, some hotels have even begun to cut prices.

“Today’s prices prescribed in the contracts with tour operators, which is in 2019. They continue to operate, so the prices will remain the same” – quoted expert RIA Novosti.

Recall from the first of August, Russia resumed flights from the UK, Tanzania and Turkey. To take tourists began Ankara and Istanbul. From the tenth of August, the flight program will be expanded, including there will be flights to the resorts of Turkey.

the Pandemic has made changes to the standards of culinary tourists. So buffet food in the dish customer now places staff. As noted by Sururi Corabatir, before the opening of the tourist season all the hotels in Turkey received instructions from the relevant ministries of the country. Recall that due to the outbreak of coronavirus infection on March 27-Russia has suspended flights to other countries.