The expert spoke about the rapid disinfection and magic pills

While the coronavirus shirit offensive, politicians and experts in different countries are starting to think about the world after a pandemic. It is possible that they may be amended and the security forces, including the army. Not all of them were ready for the new attack. As a new virus may affect the development plans of the Russian army, “MK” said a military expert, candidate of chemical Sciences, former commander of the mobile detachment of the civil defence of Sverdlovsk area Oleg Teltonika.

Oleg, we’re in the country already was an event that influenced the composition of the Armed forces.

– You mean Chernobyl?

Yes. COVID-19 can also stimulate changes in our army, the defense contracts?

–the two situations are unprecedented. However, there is one “but”. Before any contamination, pollution, wore a local character. It was possible to isolate the area, set the posts and have to continue to fight in the hearth directly. So, in fact, was Chernobyl. It’s different now – the infection is global, and the fight against them should also be global. Of course, the changes will be everyone and everywhere. In particular, in the Russian army.

you will Need to adjust the state defence order, gosprogrammu weapons in the direction of increasing the procurement of means of biological protection, the development of the system of military medicine?

I Think the correction is already happening. After all, the same construction of sixteen multifunctional centers of the Ministry of defense was not provided a defense order for 2020. Of course, after the pandemic will be reevaluated, adjustments in the state defense order.

Moreover, it is important to note that additional money is unlikely to transfer from the budget for military needs. We are talking about redistribution of resources: something they will buy less from something, possibly, will refuse. But, of course, not at the expense of defense. It is clearly to be understood.

–What, in your opinion, will buy a new means of protection, special equipment?

–I think, first and foremost, a little will review the equipment for work in the hearth of infection. The pandemic has already identified the problem: the equipment is there, protection is, but they are quite specific. For example, when working doctors-virologists, they do not need heavy suits that protect from anything. They need an easy costume that is easily put on and removed. It should be comfortable to work indoors. It is necessary that it can be easily disposed of.

Development and implementation of such equipment now, I think, needs to come to the fore. And has yet to receive the special medicine and preventive chemicals.

You mean some antidotes, antiviral agents? So this is the prerogative of the medical sector, not howlingx…

–do Not agree. Especially when we are talking about the antidote. In the kits the military is such a drug as a radioprotector. It is intended to apply in conditions of nuclear war, radioactive contamination. Exactly the same drug, the so-called virus protector, the antidote should appear in the army.

the Scheme is simple: took the pill, and some level of protection received, which will allow you to hold on to hospitalization. Do not be surprised if experts and scientists in any medical Institute or in Technopolis “Era” this puzzled.

–whether the appearance of new methods of diagnosis? For example, the development and introduction of new mobile military laboratories, taking into account the lessons coronavirus pandemic?

of Course, we need rapid diagnostics, such addition, remote temperature measurement. And such laboratories are, but they are still very few. That’s just in the state defense order and can adjust such expenses.

While we are dominated by diagnosis by analysis of biological fluids. It is quite difficult, it is contact with contaminated sampling. And the results are in for quite a long period.

What else, in your opinion, should the army acquire?

–quick disinfection. In principle, they exist, but they require a more powerful disinfectant. That is when it is sprayed in large volumes over large areas. Will not prevent the development and a new reagent, more effective and cheaper than what we have now. There should, as they say, work for growth.

–As for new equipment – whether new samples? Or what is used now, for example, for sanitation, is enough?

In this aspect, I think we have pretty well covered. Technology for disinfecting and treating we have enough, and it is quite modern. This is evidenced by the fact that our units with this technology in Italy and Serbia show excellent results in a matter of hours washed entire towns! So in this direction, again, we are fine. Importantly, to avoid a shortage.

–Oleg Vladimirovich, we are talking about chemicals, antidotes, technology, hardware. And if after the victory over coronavirus appear new special forces? “Virus guard” of some kind…

–I Think this is not necessary. Likely to be partly revised and fixed more closely with government agencies. Enter additional staff of physicians, which in the absence of the threat will simply not be used – it is irrational.

That is, the introduction of additional medical personnel, even military, in the troops of radiation, chemical and biologicaltion protection is impractical.

But improving the system of hospitals – will, of course! Perhaps the specialization of these hospitals should be and the accumulation of relevant experience of treatment, the reservation of medicines.

Here the coronavirus will play a positive role – will prepare us for possible more global and dangerous pandemics.

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