“are prerequisites to align not only the level of employment across regions, but the wages of workers of equal skill, thus reducing interregional income differentials, explained Olga Zabelina in an interview with RT. – The applicant has a chance to find a job with a salary higher than she could be at the same position in the “home” region. And employers is greatly enhanced possibilities for selection of staff with the right skills”.

Minister of labor and social protection Anton Kotkov, speaking at the Social forum of RSPP in the week, led the monitoring data, which holds his office. According to the results, at the moment in Russia in the remote mode employs one in ten workers.

the Expert Institute of Labor brought about another argument in favor of remote work: this format work activities allows people to save on transport. This is especially true for those who live in one region and earn the money in the other.

the Format of the “combined employment”, the bill which is already introduced in the state Duma, will greatly facilitate employment for people with disabilities, parents with young children, students and many other citizens, says Olga Zabelina.