the all-China Assembly of people’s representatives (NPC) Thursday, 28 may, supported the bill on national security to Hong Kong, according to which on the territory of this special administrative region officially prohibited “separatism” and “rebellion” and “Subversion” against the government in Beijing. The initiative of China has sparked protests in Hong Kong and the criticism from the Western States. The expert assessed the prospects of development of this situation.

In the vote on the “decision on the establishment and improvement of legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms to ensure national security in the special administrative region of Hong Kong” which was held at the closing session of the annual session of Parliament in the House of the people, involved 2 878 of deputies. Only one of them voted against the bill and six abstained. Now the NPC standing Committee will need to develop its details.

According to South China Morning Post, the standing Committee of the NPC will take about two weeks to accept the law. Thus, it can enter into force in August.

“the Law will surely be enacted in the foreseeable future – says “MK” Russian orientalist, head of “Russian dream and the Chinese dream” Izborsk club Yuri TAVROVSKY. – This should put an end to the outrages which took place in Hong Kong for about six months. They are largely due to the fact that the actions of the local police was not the legislative framework. Therefore, when the patience of the Beijing Chinese people over, they decided such law to accept.”

According to the expert, along with the demonstrations in Hong Kong involving “the boor” or the so-called “black shirts”, also is collecting signatures in support of this law. It was signed by about one million of the eight million population of this administrative district.

“It’s quite a lot, – said the orientalist. – People are just tired of this bullying, which borders on terrorism, and sometimes even goes over the border. How else to describe the capture of the train in the subway, blocking the airport, beating people in the streets who not speak the local Cantonese dialect and Beijing?”

Besides the fact that everything that happens tired residents of the administrative district is, in the opinion of Yuri dabrowskiego, stopping to make money. Hong Kong is not only Asia but also the world financial center. And this unstable situation because of the mass protests that seriously undermined his status. That’s why people began to think about how to get away with the Hong Kong stock exchange and other respected organizations.

“What will happen next is not clear, – the expert continues. – Most likely Americantsy revise their legislation in respect of Hong Kong, which shared this special administrative region of China and allow Hong Kongers to hope that their respect will not be accepted any sanctions. And when the law is passed, they certainly would be equalized, and the “trade war”, waged in June of last year against China, spread to Hong Kong.”

Yuri Tavrovsky sure that the protests in Hong Kong will continue as long as the law is passed.

“After that, local police on the basis thereof will take counter-measures, noted orientalist. – And all that will go beyond legislation, will not be tolerated”.