the Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andrew Miller made a bet with the ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder for his remarks about the Crimea. Miller is confident that the German politician will see the return Peninsula in the Ukraine. According to the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharikhin, the Ukrainian Ambassador managed to conclude win-win argument.

may 3, Schroeder said that Crimea will not return to the Ukraine because the Russian President did not give the region. He therefore urged the West to lift sanctions against Russia, as they will not achieve anything, and cooperation with Moscow is particularly necessary in the current economic situation. He also believes that if Kiev will listen to the residents of Donbass and give the region more autonomy in the East Ukraine there will be peace.

these proposals responded to the Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik. In an interview with “UKRINFORM” he said he was confident in the imminent return of the Peninsula to “the bosom of mother-Ukraine” and suggested that the shredder bet. “I would like to declare this 76 year old ex-politicians and top lobbyist for the Kremlin, a kind of bet: even during his lifetime Crimea will certainly return to the bosom of mother-Ukraine. It is as plain as that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West”, – quotes the Ambassador “UKRINFORM”. It is worth noting that the Ukrainian Ambassador has not said than willing to take the risk if the outcome is not in his favor.

the Situation “MK” commented zamdirektora of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin: “Given the overall quality of life of not only Ukrainian citizens, but also a specific category of citizens, as ambassadors – Miller made a bet not on a very large amount. Otherwise, hitting the hands with Schroeder, he immediately need to start saving money. Although, as far as I understand, he apparently started a lottery. He argued with Schroeder that Crimea will return to Ukraine, while Schroeder is still alive. Thus, when the shredder dies, the total bet sum will not be with someone. This is a very clever PR move that Miller does not threaten. This case again describes the moral qualities of Ukrainian diplomacy, because if you think about it, it looks like cheating the honored person. In this situation, the Miller – tricky bug that risks nothing.”

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