The expert estimated a three stage plan of trump at the end of the pandemic

Donald trump unveiled his plan to restore life USA after the coronavirus. A concept which is called “re-open America” spelled out a three step process. If you can work a plan to trump what consequences it might lead, and why the President of the United States “check your luck”, “MK” said the chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vasiliev.

In the first phase of trump on the “discovery of America” included the opening of restaurants, cinemas and centers for fitness, but subject to social distance. All vulnerable groups will have to comply with self-isolation, and the rest – not to gather companies for more than ten people.

the Second phase will be introduced if the first will not lead to a new wave of the disease, then earn bars and can again resume the journey. In addition, many restrictions on the first stage will be removed.

and finally, the third stage means the victory on the epidemic and the almost total lifting of restrictions.

“the Plan is already published, so in fact, it is already running, – comments Vladimir Vasilyev. – The basis of this plan is a “flexible approach”. Its essence lies in the fact that trump gave some General recommendations and promised Federal support to those States that will restore normal economic life. According to the calculations of the presidential administration, where some 30 States can begin to implement this plan in the near future. And it is these States will be primarily provided economic assistance approved by Congress in the amount of $2.2 trillion.

“a Flexible approach” implies that the final decision to move to a particular stage remains with the state governors. In those thirty States, where now are all pretty good, most likely will go to the first stage immediately. But the remaining twenty States will determine when they proceed to the execution of the plan of trump, depending on the epidemiological and economic situation.”

According to experts, trump is very actively insists on the implementation of this plan, and that has its reasons. The President of the United States is fundamentally important to the U.S. economy began to recover without delay. For this he is even ready to neglect the risk of the epidemic or the emergence of second wave. And recently, the speaker is not very good: increasing the number of diseases and number of deaths.

on the other hand, points out Vladimir Vasilyev, the us stock markets reacted to the plan, trump is very positive. And while we can say that the initial reaction underscored the struggle that is now between the security of the population and economic imperative “recovered��t he economy at any cost”.

“the Plan of the trump does not set any specific deadlines, the project may take a long time, – the expert continues. – The main idea of the President is this: you need to run the “Smoking motor”, which in the beginning will only make smoke and work at full capacity only after some time. Donald trump hopes that the adaptation period will be in the second and third quarters, and closer to the November elections the economy will start to recover from the crisis.

In America there is such a thing as “winning the trend”. In such a situation, even the role is not absolute indicators and dynamics. Trump at the time of elections will need to show that the economy is recovering, the markets trust him and everything is under control. That is why the owner of the White House in a hurry: he still has time to get out a positive trend in the autumn.”

If to analyze the President’s plan is not with political-economic considerations, and given the spread of coronavirus, the situation will be slightly different, said Vladimir Vasilyev: “we Have to understand one thing. All the major States in which there is increase in the incidence are on the East and West coasts. This is due to the fact that the virus had been imported from Europe and Asia. And this “imported virus” now raging in the major cities. But if you look at the country as a whole, most of the American heartland coronavirus is not affected. It basically States the Rocky Mountains, the Midwest and the South. They don’t have that great communication with the outside world, and their situation is much less severe.

This state of Affairs leaves the question: do not start soon to spread “homegrown” virus that is going out is already within the States as the second wave? The administration trump is counting on the fact that the United States coasts cropped shot of the coronavirus and then he will not go. But go is the question.

If this does not happen, then America will slowly but surely emerge from the crisis, and in this respect, the trump plan could work. But even in the worst case, the President left the decision of the governors, that is politically it themselves secured. In this scenario, all the successes of the program, trump will take credit, and if something goes wrong, then trump can always say that the fault of the governors. But the most difficult situation in those States where the power is, the Democrats: California, new York, Connecticut and new Jersey. The President in such a situation, I will say that the Republican governors of the provinces in aid of the Federal centre coped with the epidemic, and the Democrats wouldn’t listen to him and in the end they have failed to effectively address the problem.

the extent To which it all works is still unknown. But in General we can say that the administration Trump today the economy’s health. But what the outcome of this plan in advance will not tell nobody. Trump made a bid and it now looks like things will play out. The fact that trump is willing to test your luck says that he his fighting qualities in the fourth year of stay in power retained”.