Among German politicians inflames debate on whether or not to give the US the territory of Germany for the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons. Representatives of the Social democratic party (SPD) need to keep these weapons stored on bases in Germany even with the 50-ies of the last century, and members of the ruling coalition of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) against.

According to the newspaper Politico, the reason for the next wave of disputes was a telephone conversation between German Chancellor Angela Merkel with U.S. President Donald trump, who, according to Politico, turned into a heated debate about relations with China, relations in NATO and the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

the Debate over the deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in Germany had here before. Ten years ago, the German Bundestag requested the German government to achieve the US withdrawal from the country of their nuclear weapons. But who, as they say, is still there.

In recent years these requirements are becoming louder due to the fact that the US in 2019 came from the Soviet-American Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF) and the prospect of the deployment of American nuclear missiles in this class in Europe. It is clear that automatically positions these missiles become a priority target for Russian nuclear retaliation.

the Second reason to think Washington recently adopted a new nuclear doctrine. It treats nuclear weapons not only as a strategic nuclear deterrent, but also as a tactical weapon that can be used in small armed conflict as a decisive argument for the fracture of the military situation in its favor.

of Course, the nuclear warheads in this case should be less a theater of war away from the United States. Europe, in Washington’s opinion for this scenario is quite suitable. However, Europe itself, like this less. Although it is touted by Washington as its nuclear safeguards for the security of Europe.

But you never know who, what’s not to like? There is the so-called “nuclear solidarity” of NATO, and undermine the German politicians Washington will not allow. Moreover, the new nuclear doctrine of the United States is not just a statement of intent, a document that has been adopted for implementation.

the Pentagon is now actively engaged in creating weapons with lower nuclear threshold. Nuclear warheads of low power are placed on ballistic missiles of submarines of class “Ohio” (Ohio). And the old B61 nuclear bombs that are stored including at a military airbase in Büchel German, are being upgraded to version B61-12. Now they can be equipped with warheads of variable power. The first production model of the B61 bombs singing��ilsya in 1967. Then the bomb was 80 kilotons.

B61 for so long is in service it is known as the bomb eleven presidents. From the very beginning the bomb so thoroughly coded that even in meetings at the Pentagon were forbidden to pronounce its official name aloud. As a result, a cylindrical shape with a silver nose fairing, the us military started calling it “the silver bullet”.

All was done 3155 such “bullets.” By the early 2000s, about 1900 of them disposed of old age. But 1,200 pieces remained on NATO bases. Mostly in Europe. Today, according to experts who have less. In the German Buchele – about 20 units. But this figure is really bothering the Germans. Especially now, when the bomb is upgraded. Upgraded its design, the case itself and the guidance system. It is pre-set special node that makes the B61-12 is managed and high-precision.

Under the B61-12 moderniziriruyutsya also and native – American F-15 and F-16, and European fighter-bombers “Tornado”, which are in service with the German air force and the United Kingdom.

in addition, the Minister of defence of Germany Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer agreed with Pentagon mark Esper about buying 30 fighter-bombers F/A-18F, which will also become carriers of the tactical nuclear weapons of the United States.

The use of nuclear bombs B61-12 is even resolved to certify the latest mnogofunkcionalniy American fighter-bomber of the fifth generation F-35.

Americans do not deny that his upgraded “silver bullets” they are, as before, plan to keep at European NATO bases. If in Germany the discussion about the storage at home of us nuclear weapons will suddenly lead to the fact that the German authorities will deny Washington the opportunity (which is unlikely), then Poland is almost certainly stronger at the us B61-12 together with their carriers.

For Russia, this neighborhood will be even worse, because even more will bring the nuclear threat to our borders.

However, there is no guarantee that these nuclear bombs, which in the times of the Warsaw Pact were placed only in Western Europe, suddenly do not appear anywhere in the Baltic NATO bases in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, where you can fly planes with a suspended B61-12.

According to the expert, “MK”, chief of staff of the strategic missile forces (1994-1996) Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, the situation changes the status of nuclear weapons against Russia. In fact B61-12 ceases to be a tactical weapon.

His approach to the borders of our country gives Americans the opportunity to get these high-precision bombs to the objects of the Central industrial region and a major Russiantheir cities, including the capital.

And earlier, said Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, when they tested the previous modification of the B61, they were dropped only from a tactical aircraft. And when tested bobmo latest version – the B61-12, the layout of this bomb the Americans of speciali already from the strategic bomber.

This, he said, makes the b-61-12 universal precision weapons and at the same time “essential appendage to the strategic offensive forces, which now have the United States”.