Postgraduate Solar system division of the Institute of astronomy of RAS (INASAN) Ekaterina Efremova appreciated the danger of asteroids to the Earth.

“Scientists conducted a simulation and found that if it were not for the mechanisms of recharge in the number of asteroids the inner Solar system over 10 million years, not a single asteroid in this part of the system would be left. Something happens in the main asteroid belt. One of the reasons was found,” she said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to her, the orbital motion of Jupiter can greatly affect some region of the main asteroid belt, causing small bodies to leave their orbits and fly away in the outer or inner part of the Solar system. As noted by Ephraim, that is why among the asteroids near-Earth, very little major.

“Asteroids — small and dim objects that are difficult to observe. And if the whereabouts of the largest asteroids we know, the body size from 10 to 100 meters we are the greatest danger because of its unpredictability,” — said the expert.

Earlier, the chief researcher of the laboratory of solar physics and cosmic rays Sergey Bogachev in an interview with Inforeactor commented annular Eclipse.