The ex-policeman said that the journalist Ivan Golunov planted drugs-evidence from another case

Denis Konovalov Igor lyakhovets Denis Konovalov
Photo: Kirill Zykov / AGN “Moscow” Igor lyakhovets
Photo: Kirill Zykov / AGN “Moscow”

a Former police officer Denis Konovalov, pleaded guilty in the case of Ivan Golunova, told investigators that got tossed journalist Ivan Golunov drugs “from another criminal case”. A paraphrase of his testimony published edition of Baza.

Konovalov said that after a few minutes after the arrest Golunova, when the journalist was handcuffed and led to a police car, with one hand he opened his backpack and put a prohibited substance (N-methylephedrine). The drug was later withdrawn when witnesses. In addition, Konovalov admitted that they planted drugs in the apartment of a journalist directly during a search, when others present at the operational event turned away. At this point the police and put a bag of cocaine on the Cabinet.

with cocaine from the apartment Golunova seized electronic scales with traces of N-methylephedrine, but it is unclear exactly when Konovalov has time to throw. The main witness in the case against Dmitry Bokarev in his testimony earlier said he “did not see the point of tossing drugs and weights and just noticed that at one point Konovalov disappeared from his field of view.”

Former guardian of order also announced that a journalist in the day of the crime – 6 June 2019 – was shadowed. Earlier Konovalov admitted his guilt and testified against his former boss IGarmature of Lyakhovets. He held the position of Deputy head of Department on control over drug trafficking of the internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC Moscow. According to Konovalov, the lyakhovets, instructed him to throw the journalist drugs.

the Defenders of the other former police officers who became involved in the case, argue that Konovalov himself stipulates. So, the lawyer Lyakhovets Alexey Kovrizhkin believes that such statements Konovalov made under psychological and physical pressure.

Konovalov refused to pay the two lawyers and took the free later. After a confession, the Investigative Committee asked the court to change Konovalov measure and send him under house arrest.

it is Noteworthy that prior to his detention completely different Konovalov described his role in Golunova. “I’ll tell you that everybody knows – we’re innocent, he said in an interview. – We didn’t give him anything. I work with youth in the organs, wanted me, liked me. The family almost never seen, always at work, surprisingly, she appeared a family with such a schedule. Boys were raised, I thought, they are on my next go – to the authorities. But it turned out what happened. And who am I going to believe, what to do?”