It is an unbelievable tragedy that the Ewald family has to go through. After father Sebastian († 37) and son Jonas († 10) died of cancer, their little daughter Neele (9) also died of a brain tumor.

The suffering of the Ewald family from Hamberge in Schleswig-Holstein cannot be put into words. Mother Stefanie lost her third family member to cancer after her husband Sebastian and son Jonas.

Nine-year-old Neele died of a brain tumor. This is due to the so-called Li-Fraumeni syndrome. The genetic defect leads to a significantly increased risk of cancer.

Mother Stefanie announced the death on Instagram. “Neele – now you are back with your dad and brother – we will miss you forever,” she comments on the black and white photo. As the ” Lübecker Nachrichten ” reports, Neele died on Wednesday, July 6, at the University Hospital in Lübeck. She had been admitted there with breathing problems just a few hours earlier.

Neele was diagnosed with cancer for the first time at the age of two, which was then cured. Like her father and brother, Neele Ewald also suffered from the genetic defect “Li-Fraumeni syndrome”, in which damaged cells can multiply unhindered in the body.

Mama Stefanie reports on Instagram about her life and the many blows of fate. Over a hundred thousand people follow her. Below the current post are numerous expressions of condolence and compassionate comments.

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