Football is the Eurostadion up with a strange plan to have a Siamese temple in the City. What if all of space-stadionplannen once they were translated? For a good overview.

soccer’s been postponed for a year, but even then, you had the Belgian fans for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and is not directly in one’s own country are able to see that. Due to the debacle surrounding the Eurostadion and there is no venue in Belgium. The plan layers are, however, concrete klaar.De a model of stadionbouwer Ghelamco was even suggested.It’s a shame that the Belgian people are not from this generation, you will be able to enjoy it in their own country”, and His Monument, there let them tell.

you can also Read the first time, are unveiled, with a new stadium, the Club, the pearl, with the steep stands, the 5,000 vipplaatsen and fandorp

The Eurostadion, or one of the Golden Generation-the Arena, as the stadium would have to call it that, is not an isolated case. Also, another futuristic enchanting football stadiums were never there. We set out to find a dozen fellow-sufferers, and the incredible stadiums that will never be built.Even if it was just because it’s for us, may still be some time before we’re back in a stadium, in may.

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