the Chief diplomat of the European Union spoke negatively about the “Chinese policy of generosity” amid growing feelings of anxiety in relation to the strategy of the Beijing aid to European countries to medicines to combat COVID-19, a disease caused by a novel coronavirus, reports the South China Morning Post.

according to the publication, the head of foreign policy unit Josep Borrell called on the EU to be ready to “struggle for influence” in the “global battle of the narratives (informational messages)”.

while Beijing has called its campaign by sending millions of medical masks in Europe — the current epicentre of the pandemic is a manifestation of solidarity and friendship, Borrell stressed the geopolitical importance of this campaign.

“there Is a global battle of the narratives in which timing is crucial, he said, noting that the focus had shifted from Europe, helping China, and Vice versa. China persistently promotes the idea that, unlike US, he is a responsible and reliable partner.”

“the battle of the narratives we’ve also seen attempts to discredit the EU as such and some cases where Europeans have been stigmatized, as if they were all carriers of the virus,” — said the diplomat.

“Meaning for Europe is: can we be sure that the perception will change again as the outbreak and our response to it. But we must know that there is a geopolitical component including the struggle for influence through the change of position and the “politics of generosity,” said Borrell.

After the outbreak of the pandemic has shifted from China to Europe, Beijing has tried to help cover a shortage in Europe through the distribution of medical equipment, but Europe was left disappointed by the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump on the introduction of the travel ban for travelers from the Schengen zone, which allows passport travellersVAT on much of the continent.

France and Austria that had previously supported humanitarian assistance to the Chinese city of Wuhan where last year was registered the first cases of a new disease in the midst of the outbreak in China also received aid from Beijing.

Some major Chinese entrepreneurs and companies, including billionaire Jack MA and technological giant Huawei Technologies, have also sent medical equipment to countries such as Belgium, Spain and Ireland.

Even the chief Borrell, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, last week expressed positively, when she thanked China for providing the EU of medicines, including 2 million medical masks. She called it a “mutual” act, given that the EU had sent such equipment to China during the outbreak.

But two recent events have changed the mindset of politicians of the European Union, according to diplomatic sources, prompting the European side to start thinking that China is the “system competition”, is a phrase first used by the predecessor von der Leyen, Jean-Claude Juncker.

some have a feeling that the Chinese leadership prefers to deal directly with the European countries, and not through the EU. Von der Leyen became the only major European leader, with the head of China XI Jinping have not held a telephone talks.

on the other hand, the EU was amazed at the reaction of Serbia, which began negotiations on accession to the EU.

When the European Union quickly imposed a ban on exports of medical equipment, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic announced the solidarity of the EU “fantasy,” turning instead to the sea, whom he called his friend and brother.