The EU Commission has discussed on Tuesday at their meeting on the relationship between Switzerland and the EU. You have found “a lack of progress” in the framework agreement, said EU Vice President Maros Sefcovic (52).

to make You see “no need for a decision”. The doors of the EU Commission, however, remained more continue to open, so Sefcovic. To the exchange of equivalence, he said nothing. The EU Commission recommends, but does not explicitly extend this, it runs at 30. June automatically.

“the Situation must not escalate,”

not so far yet. Apparently is scheduled to be on Friday an additional session. Swiss politicians from the left to the right respond to because it is also (still) largely left.

“what is Crucial is that the Situation escalates. I am therefore glad that the EU has not yet taken any final decision against the extension of the exchange of equivalence,” says CVP national councillor Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (55, BL) as the President of the foreign policy Commission (APK).

no to the SVP Initiative as a Signal to Brussels

in Order to prevent an escalation that would have to be further positive signals to Brussels, sent. One of them was the ‘ no ‘ to limiting the Initiative of the SVP. For this, Schneider-Schneiter extra set for Wednesday, an extraordinary session of the APK. “The Commission will decide on a clear’ no ‘ dam,” she is convinced now. “And I hope, that this Signal is perceived in Brussels as well.” Also, that the house was also ready to talk further cohesion of a billion, “if we are not at a disadvantage”.

“the decision by The European Commission, apparently, is not so easy,” says FDP parliamentary group chief, Beat Walti (50). Now, should this country pay no unnecessary hustle and bustle. Patience must now be the currency that it takes two weeks until the end of June, so Walti. Economiesuisse regrets, however, “the looming expiration of the exchange equivalence”. Now the risk of an escalation, the economic umbrella organisation exists.

“protection of Wages is more important than exchange-equivalence”

And the trade unions? “I regret very much that the EU recognises the progress made by Switzerland,” said SP national councillor and travail Suisse President Adrian Wüthrich (39, BE). So the voting public had just said Yes to the new weapons law and for the elimination of corporate tax privileges. “And in the framework agreement, only three points need to be improved, which are essential to the EU.”

“I think it is a pity that the EU is now more pressure,” says Wüthrich. You should be aware that the political processes in Switzerland lasted longer. “If the EU loses patience and Oil into the fire, pours, sets it in the bilateral treaties on the game,” said Wüthrich.

the unionists don’t want to give in anyway. “The protection of Wages is crucial for us – and even more important than the exchange of equivalence.”

As you are to me, so I> you

Then the Plan B of the Federal Council comes to the train. Switzerland would no longer accept, in return, the EU-stock exchanges also. The result is that If an EU stock traders would like to trade attractive securities of Swiss companies, he would have to do this necessarily at the Zurich stock exchange in or outside Europe – in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong.

“the Federal Council must move forward courageously”

The SVP, which is a framework agreement, rejects due to the mechanism of the dynamic legal adoption, in principle, required by the Federal Council, that he is now brave, as group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) says. “We can’t let these games to the EU, irritate, and of the Federal Council to put the Plan B by the end of the month.”

This Plan B only worked in the short term as a bridging solution, believes, however, CVP-politician, Schneider-Schneiter. Above all, they feared, however, that the EU is badgering Switzerland and elsewhere. Next, about the recognition of the medical is products, where a negative decision will lead to problems, so the CVP-wife. “We have to find with the EU quickly a solution in order to stabilize the relationship.”