Earlier it was reported that the plague revealed (sore two) in the West of Mongolia in the region, which borders with the Republic of Altai. In a press-service of the Russian Embassy in Ulan Bator is already stated that the government of Mongolia took the necessary measures, the reasons for no worries.

Also, the newspaper “Sinitsina” with reference to the Committee of health of the city Bayan-Nur said that bubonic plague was confirmed at cattleman’s in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia in Northern China. This type of plague is spread by mammals kind of marmots, which the inhabitants of Mongolia, despite the prohibitions, eat. You can become infected when butchering, however, these are isolated cases

In connection with these messages academician Victor Maleev said that the cases will have wide distribution.

“Plague is not a cov because there is a vaccine you can get vaccinated, especially the staff of the anti-plague service, they themselves are vaccinated, the population of some districts are vaccinated. And then for distemper there is a cure”, – told RIA Novosti the male.

in addition, in Russia there are anti-plague Institute, has anti-plague station, which are catching squirrels, marmots, mice and examined them for infection, said Maleev.

“we have a vaccine, medication, anti-plague Institute, which monitors the environment, therefore the danger for Russia is not, but isolated cases are possible. Although they will not cause any distribution local doctors know how to deal with the plague. This is not a new infection,” said Maleev.