Like many colleagues of Diana Gurtskaya left without concerts and almost all time spends houses. However, the singer’s husband must be at work, and in this situation, the couple decided for safety’s sake, to live separately.

Peter Kucherenko, the husband of the singer, now occupies the post of Deputy Minister of science and higher education. The specificity of work does not allow him to work for remote access, so the official every day goes to work. In order not to endanger his family husband of Diane now lives alone and talks to his wife and son, only by phone.

“We talk every day. I always ask if he ate, how I dressed, how it feels, both at work arrived, when I’ll go back? In the day a hundred times call,” he told Diana to the website WomanHit. The singer understands the decision of her husband to live separately from the family and I am sure that in this way it protects both her and her son.

Not long ago, Diane and Peter were pretty nervous when their 12-year-old son Constantine in the midst of the epidemic of the coronavirus was in the hospital with appendicitis. But there were no complications, and, according to Diana, my son had removed the last bandage after the operation.

the Singer also noted that isolation, she tries to devote time to sports, is on a treadmill, but, unfortunately, not yet able to swim in the pool. Recently, the singer writes programs for radio, so sometimes violate self-imposed isolation, but observe all safety precautions. Diana is confident that all difficulties connected with the epidemic really rallied her family and hopes for a speedy return to normal life.