Political scientist Sergey Mikheyev noted the amazing faith of mankind in the predictions and “anticipated” future epidemic. He stated on the air of “Constantinople”.

Rambler wrote that earlier 14-year-old astrologer from India Abigal Anand, who predicted in the summer of 2019 pandemic coronavirus, said that in the coming months, the world is waiting for a new challenge. However, he did not say exactly what will happen, but stressed that the event is expected until 20 December.

Political scientist Sergei Mikheyev pointed out the growing popularity of predictions in any moments of crisis and stressed that it’s easier for people to perform some rituals, for example, “light a candle” than to work on yourself. He also offered to make your own prediction.

“Let me predict: next year is an epidemic. Don’t know what it is, until you see it. But it will be terrible and heavy. Sick lot of people, many will die, thousands will die! And let’s see bet, it definitely will. All! To bear such nonsense, you know… the fool not need a knife, him with three boxes lie to her. That’s all,” – said the analyst.