the appeal of the President of Russia to the citizens first.

on Tuesday, June 23, Vladimir Putin made an appeal to the citizens. As reported in the Kremlin on the eve of the speech, the key themes become the interim results of the fight against coronavirus, the state of the economy and the country’s prospects for the near future. Key quotes from the President — in the article “Izvestia”.

the Fight against the epidemic began on the outer contour. Our lines were immediately tightened sanitary protection. And they played a role, made it possible to deflect the first blow caught her on the peak one-two month, and so even then, February-March to win precious time, and therefore to do everything possible to save tens of thousands of lives.

the Modern world is interconnected. So, to dissociate itself completely from the threat impossible. We knew that sooner or later the disease will step into our house. It was clear. And when that happened, we took the unprecedented step — we declared non-working days in a month. And as became clear later, did it in a timely manner. We pulled the epidemic time.

All of you in a short time managed to do the impossible — erected new buildings, and hospitals. If at the beginning of March in all regions was around 40 thousand beds at the end of June already more than 180 thousand.

All had not easy, but it is very important that we have in the country, the society was not a loss but rather, people United in a clear understanding of the situation, awareness of real threats and that to fight it you can win together, and that human life is important, We acted on the basis of these values and therefore were able to respond to the challenge of enormous complexity.

the epidemic has shown that the Russian medicine is able to respond effectively to emergency situations, to increase their chances. This is largely the result of experience, which was increased by previous generations, is largely the result of our work on the refurbishment of hospitals.

I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses. Everyone who fights an infection in other regions. We all know what a burden you lay down with the first days of the epidemic, when the virus was virtually incurable and unpredictable.

the Epidemic has highlighted some unresolved issues. We remember that in some cases, people faced difficulties in the provision of unscheduled medical care. We must take these lessons. Training the personnel to equip the new equipment of medical institutions.

the epidemic continues, therefore, decided to extend all benefits and payments to doctors for July and August. They will be taken into account when calculating holiday pay — and that means that specialists will receive increased holiday pay.

the Additional payments we provided and for employees of social institutions — employees of boarding schools, homes for the elderly. They were calculated for the period from 15 April to 15 July, we decided also to extend for two months, until 15 September.

From January 1 next year, I propose to change the tax rate for individuals with 13 to 15% for those earning more than $ 5 million a year. With increased tax will be imposed only on the money above this amount. In total this will give the budget more than 60 billion rubles. These funds offer the target a way to guide treatment of children with serious diseases.

it is Already clear that the world will never be the same. Leading countries make their choice in favor of technology. We must rely on the scientific potential of the country and to take this into account when forming strategic plans.

the Epidemic has dealt a severe blow to the global economy. Trade, business ties seemed to hit the wall of quarantines and restrictions. And, perhaps, the most acute problem in almost all countries is the reduction of employment, rising unemployment.

These negative effects, of course, affected us. So, according to estimates in April, when it was introduced restrictive measures declared non-working days, Russia’s GDP decreased by 12 percent. In fact, the beginning of the global recession the global recession.

From the beginning of the struggle with the consequences of epidemics, the basic task was to maintain the incomes of Russian families, to maintain employment. To help people and only people. The main criterion of all our business support measures was the fact that the jobs are not closed.

I Suggest again in July to pay the additional 10 thousand rubles for each child from birth to 16 years. This measure can take advantage of the Russian family, which grows in a total of 28 million children. Those who received the June payment in July will be charged automatically. To apply and gather information is not necessary.

the Amount of support was unprecedented. We were able to do thanks to the accumulated reserves, due to our responsible lending policy, which we carried out in recent years.

the stability of the ruble was ensured not artificially, not some command, but because of the strength of the fundamentals of the Russian economy.

the Unemployment rate rose, so now it is necessary to solve the main task — to help people get back to work. I instruct the government together with the regions and the Bank of Russia to consider a plan of action that will allow by 2021 at least to return unemployment to pre-crisis levels.

we Have the resources, the capabilities to quickly restore the national economy. Enter the path of growth. To do this, we have a budget��rule and inflation targeting.

it is Now important to expand the possibility of acquiring a comfortable home. Propose to extend preferential mortgage from 3 million rubles to 6 million, in the biggest agglomerations, as Moscow and St. Petersburg — up to 12 million rubles.

Extremely important, reasonable, balanced and calculated approach to opening up the economy. All decisions should be made in a timely manner, in accordance with the recommendations of experts.

Should be given the opportunity to self-employed status not 18, and 16 years. According to our calculations, to take advantage of this will be about 3 million citizens. The young people are the backbone of high-tech teams.

Conclusion key services online showed what a strong human resource capabilities of the Russian the IT sector. Only in the last five years the export of our domestic increased by almost half. This is a good result, but we got a lot to work with.

I Instruct the government to provide additional assistance to regions to allocate another 100 billion roubles in addition to the 200 billion rubles that were allocated earlier as part of the measures. In addition, this year we will add another 100 billion rubles to repair the road network — send the money to those regions that work ahead and build roads efficiently.

let me Emphasize: our benchmarks remain the same. But we have to specify the parameters, the timing and priorities of the national projects, to immerse, to integrate them in measures of the national plan of action for the recovery of the economy and, of course, to lay under them with the necessary financial means.

July 1, will be voting on the amendments to the Constitution of Russia. They will take effect, of course, I have said many times, but only if citizens will support them. It is the will of the people is fundamentally important in order to ensure reliable conditions for a confident, dynamic, long-term development of the country for years and decades to come.

In the difficult conditions of the epidemic was manifested the best qualities of our people. During this time we rethought a lot of things, learnt to be more careful attitude to each other and once again realized how important the need for solidarity and trust, which help to adequately pass any test.

the Epidemic is not yet over. We still have to put the squeeze to curb this infection. But life takes its course, is the way to a normal rhythm. Yes, we all now have accumulated a lot of problems, worries, to be soon at home and at work.

Understand that this is also a difficult period. But the opportunity to return to their plans, to implementing them, the confidence that life is getting better, give a very different — positive, active, optimistic attitude.