The energy Ministry has proposed to prohibit the import of cheap gasoline for six months

Photo: depositphotos/zorandim

the energy Ministry of Russia proposes to prohibit the import of cheap gasoline for six months to support the Russian oil refining factories (NPZ), said Minister of energy Alexander Novak, the TV channel “Russia 1”.

He called it a crisis, a forced measure, resorted to by many countries.

“for Example, Kazakhstan imposed a ban on the import of petroleum products. We also proposed this measure in order to preserve our oil refining industry, first and foremost, this will insure the preservation of jobs, maintaining operation of oil refineries”, – explained the Minister.

He believes that the way out of the current situation in the oil market will last at least until the end of 2020. According to Novak, you need to experience peak fall demand, and this should stretch out the time decrease in demand, and hence the production decline.

Consumption and an increase in demand for world oil will occur more slowly than it was before the current crisis, the Minister added.

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