The end of an era: the Frankfurt motor show will move to Munich

the Organizers of one of the world’s largest motor shows, the German Association VDA has made a final decision about her fate. For the first time since 1951, the dealership will replace the “residence” and perhaps in the future will be in a different format.

Rumors that the organizers of the Frankfurt auto show, unhappy with the current situation, appeared last year on the news about almost two-fold decrease in the number of visitors and massive failures of the world’s producers from participation in the exhibition.

in addition, last year expired contract VDA and the exhibition centre Messe Frankfurt, which in recent years hosted the motor show. On that occasion, the organizers decided to radically change the fate of the prestigious event.

At the end of last year, it was announced that the shortlist to host the “new showroom” have shown initiative among German cities included Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. And this week in the VDA made a final choice: in 2021 IAA will be held in the vicinity of the headquarters of BMW and Audi.

Choose a new location due to streamlined infrastructure of Munich and experience the city authorities in the organization of events. However, apparently, the VDA has taken into account the suggestions of the team developing the concept of the showroom: it is expected that the new format will be more attention paid to the so-called urban mobility and the different ideas of modernization of cities. To demonstrate these projects, the authorities of Munich have promised to provide some parts of the historical centre of the city.

Text: Avtovesti