Ferdinand Piëch influenced the largest car company for decades – now the VW’s Patriarch is dead. Surprisingly and suddenly, last Sunday, died at the age of 82 years. Although Piëch shares returned at his abrupt exit after the diesel scandal, and the selling of the biggest part of his master two years ago, the VW group, and his family back, it means his demise is now the final end of a nearly 50-year-old Piëch Era.

Almost at the same time of the VW-group “Transform 2025+” set the course for a new beginning. To see for the first time next week at the Start of the International automobile exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt (12. September). Then VW unveiled its first pure electric model ID.3 in the Format of the best-selling Golf. How serious is the VW-responsible for the implementation of their electric strategy, underlines the VW brand chief Juergen Stackmann: “you will find during the two press days before the official IAA opening with us, not a single exhibition model with a nitro engine.”

SUVs Finance the E-mobility

The group’s new strategic alignment along with the electrical strategy and the refreshed Logo but also the Expansion of the SUV range to 20 models across all group brands, the Reach of 40 per cent SUV share of sales and a return of six per cent. Thus, the investment of about 48 billion francs in the electric car of the future should be financed by 2023.

The dawning of a new automotive era, the VW wants to present the group with a new Logo. Fundamentally, not much changes. The two letters VW – only the presentation is slightly different.

The new look (colors and Logo) was designed by Volkswagen design chief Klaus Bischoff, in an internal project group during the first nine months. Since the communication to the customer, should in the future work, especially digital, have to work the new Logo not only on the sheet metal of the cars, but also good on screen. Therefore, the old, three-dimensional Emblem is on its way out.

cheap, the conversion is not likely to be. From the Logo to the VW factory in Wolfsburg to the business card of every employee everything needs to be redesigned. Therefore, the changeover takes place gradually – first in Europe, then in China and later in North and South America. Total must be styled in 171 countries, around 10’000 branches.

New direct sales structure

to build The cars is one thing, to bring you to the man or the woman to another. “VW is supposed to feel in the future as a Tech company,” said Stackmann. Therefore, VW will 1. April 2020, a new sales structure. Elementary: The customer may at any time have contact with the car maker. Either via Online platforms or classic on the dealer. As in the case of Apple and co., the customer receives an ID, he can do everything around the VW. When, how and where he wants. “No longer will the chassis no. is at the centre of our actions, but the customer”, explains Jürgen Stackmann.

App and service portal via a Cloud

at the same time he assured but: “The dealer, of course, remains an important point of contact for customers. The sounds in the car is not at the time of purchase.” The VW Ecosystem will accompany the owner afterwards and he continuously offer them customized solutions. A networked vehicle, such as the new ID is needed, of course.3 or the on 23. October is in Wolfsburg, Germany, world premiere celebration Golf VIII. The technical Basis for this is the “One Digital platform”, in the case of services for all aspects of driving a car through the App and service portal “Volkswagen We” via the Cloud for customers to grasp. A beginning is by the way already made: over 27 000 customers have an ID.3 ordered. “And to the IAA,” says Stackmann, “it will be 30’000.”