Donald Trump, the Businessman! Since the US President in the White house the economy is, the US better and better. The unemployment rate starts to fall, share prices on Wall Street rise. Trump can unabashedly be proud of the development since he took office in January of 2017. He has led the upward trend that began after the world economic crisis under his predecessor, Barack Obama, successfully.

However, according to each of the heady Party, the hangover is coming at some point. That is, the stock market is no different. And right in front of this cat – recession – fears of the US President. In order to reach in November 2020, the objective of re-election, needs to Trump a strong economy in the back. For a look at the history books shows that No other factor is so very important as the state of the economy, when it comes to the Re – or de-selection of an American President.

And the situation is threatening to Trump: The trade dispute with China, the Brexit and the flagging economy of the EU-Primus Germany press, the mood on Wall Street considerably. Many US Economists agree: The signs are growing that the country could soon slip into a recession.

Donald Trump wants to know of an impending recession is nothing. At least in public. He does not get tired to emphasize how great the US economy is running. “Our economy is very strong,” he tweeted, for example, on Monday morning.

wage could be expensive in case of need

to be reduced But behind the Scenes, Trump seems to be quite so optimistic. According to a report in the “Washington Post” on Monday evening he makes high-level officials in the White house for an emergency plan to be in the event of an impending recession ready. In concrete terms, the experts think tax according to the newspaper, to a temporary reduction in the wage.

On Tuesday, Trump has confirmed in person the unveiling of the “Washington Post”. The US government is examining various options to tax cuts, he told reporters. Of a contingency plan, he wanted to know, but nothing. “I have always a reduction of the wage tax in the eye that would appeal to a lot of people,” he said. Concrete steps are planned in the near term, but no.

Trump referred to the possibility of linking the amount of capital gains tax to Inflation: “that is something That would be very easy to make.” Tax-according to experts, investors would be relieved in a corresponding mechanism significantly.

by the end of 2017 was adopted by the then of Trumps Republican-controlled Congress on a tax reform. Meanwhile, the Democrats in a chamber in the majority. But Trumps experts seem to have thought of everything: the approval of the Congress for the emergency plan would not be necessary.