The melting of permafrost due to climate change may release to the surface of the viruses are ancient ecosystems, reports RIA "news" the words of a senior researcher Pacific Institute of geography Feb RAS Sergey Davydov.

"More than 10% of our territory is permafrost. It rocks deposits that were frozen millions of years ago. Accordingly, we can get what was once part of the ecosystem", – said Davydov.

According to him, scientists have found the remains of mammoths anthrax, he also did not rule out the preservation of the smallpox virus in the permafrost of Northern Russia.

Davydov explained that because of global warming significantly changing flora and fauna throughout the planet. Due to the migration of animals North and penetrate new representatives of the microcosm, but worrying about it is not necessary, as these processes are natural to the earth’s ecosystem.

The human influence on climate change is not yet fully understood, the warming and cooling happened on the planet before. Solid evidence of the guilt of our civilization to increase air temperature on the planet no one has presented, assured the scientist.