The Embassy of the Russian Federation confirmed the information about the Russian woman who tried to kidnap a child from an Italian

the Woman in Italy, was suspected in the kidnapping of the child has Russian citizenship. Her accomplice is also Russian. This information was confirmed by the Russian Embassy in Italy.

“February 21, appeared in the media information about the detention of Florence two Russian citizens (male and female) on suspicion of abduction of minors, – TASS quoted the statement of the diplomatic mission. – According to some, the woman is charged with attempted abduction of his own son, living in Italy with his father, a citizen of this country”.

According to preliminary data, the accomplice of the woman was her brother.

“the Embassy immediately contacted the local authorities. According to official information received from the Department of internal Affairs on the city of Florence, the detention occurred on 19 February,” said the diplomats.

At the moment the detainees are in custody in Florence, they provided a state attorney.

Diplomats have maintained contact with the police while the investigation is ongoing. If necessary, the diplomats are ready to provide consular assistance to Russians.

Earlier on February 21 to Italian media reported the attempt of Russian citizen to kidnap her own son from her former husband. Law enforcement authorities asked the father of eight-year-old boy, a citizen of Italy, which the court gave custody of the child. According to some, the boy, as his mother could be Russian citizenship.