The Embassy of the Russian Federation commented on the situation with the Russians on Westerdam

the Russians from Dutch cruise ship Westerdam will return to Russia. The liner has docked in Cambodia. Seven passengers and one crew member remain on the ship. They will be sent Home by plane on February 16. Tickets from Sihanoukville will pay the company owner. Due to the company taking home all the cruise passengers. If necessary they will be assisted by employees of the Russian Embassy. Consular officers are with the Russians in constant communication.

the Liner Westerdam refused entry at a number of ports due to fears of the coronavirus, reminds RIA Novosti. Cambodia agreed to the time only after 20 suspected coronavirus passengers test for HIV gave a negative result.

Outbreak of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus COVID-19, was launched in December of 2019 in the city of Wuhan in Central China. Now in China, more than 63 thousand 800 cases of this virus, 1488 people died, almost seven thousand cured. In the capital of Hubei province has been quarantined. Quarantine is also declared for the passengers and crew of the cruise liner Diamond Princess. It is located in the waters of Yokohama port. Patients with liner transport in insulators hospital for treatment.

Just outside of China were infected 505 people. Two cases of coronavirus infection was diagnosed in two immigrants from China. Both patients recovered. Also from Wuhan was taken by a group of Russians, placed in a special centre near Tyumen for two-week quarantine. Health problems they have due to the coronavirus not detected.