The effect of coronavirus on life expectancy

human Death from the coronavirus occurs on average 10 years earlier than it would have occurred by natural causes. Reported by the Daily Mail, citing the joint work of the national health service of Scotland and experts from the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

According to the study, men die from the virus on average 13 years earlier than life expectancy, while women — for 11 years earlier.

these findings go against the common opinion that from the coronavirus mostly people with concomitant diseases.

“while the media focus their attention on the effect of coronavirus on “people with concomitant diseases”, the amendments to the number and type of the disease that bears long-term character, only slightly reduce the loss of years of life expectancy through death from the virus,” wrote David McAllister, a scientist from the University of Glasgow.

the Researchers said that among the deceased, as a result of the pandemic not only people with concomitant diseases, but also young and healthy citizens.

At the moment in the world recorded more than 2.6 million cases of infection with coronavirus. A total of about 187 thousand people died in the pandemic.