The – < / P> follow The E19 in the direction of the Netherlands, it is Thursday afternoon, fully covered are hit, at the height of the Sint-Job-in-’t-Goor, due to a collision between the two vehicles. It is said by the Flemish traffic centre. One of the truck drivers should get out of the vehicle to be released and was likely to be seriously injured. The traffic to leave the motorway at Saint-Job, and then use a local redirect, follow it to The drive.

How long is the handling of the incident, it will take a while, it is not well known. The police, however, is the traffic that is currently stuck behind an accident, under supervision, let them turn back, what there are, according to the traffic control center to indicate that it must be taken into account by the interruption of a long duration of time.

in addition to the E19 motorway in the Netherlands, there is also a long traffic jam. Just like in the past few days there has been talk of long delays due to inspections at the border line in the Lake.