The car In the coronapandemie in the Netherlands, it is mainly the land adjacent to the province of Noord-Brabant are affected. Hospitals are struggling with over-capacity and, thus marking this day in and out to coronapatiënten to hospitals elsewhere in the Netherlands, as appropriate. The health care providers are also those unique ambulancebus in. It may be six patients-at the same time, transport has all the medical equipment, and other facilities to them on the bus to be able to handle it. It’s going to be a native Of van Hool bus, which is a Frisian company has been transformed.

In the Netherlands, there is only one such bus. In the company of a Fisherman from the Frisian city of Leeuwarden, and delivered him to be in 2016. The company specializes in the construction of the first. It is a 2003, built, converted from a regular public bus service (the type Of van Hool A330), which was formerly in the public transport sector.

all The bus, it is referred to in a great emergency, fast six, the mobile behandelplaatsen at the same time, on the spot to get it. As each ambulance is equipped with the bus on the blue flashing lights and a siren. On the roof, air-conditioning, and solar panels are to be placed. And in the back of the bus to a central computer that all of the behandelplekken at the same time, you can monitor it.

all ten victims, and more

all The bus shall be in accordance with the guidelines of the ambulance services used from the code is 10, i.e. for events with an expected number of deaths of ten or more. The bus is available to an airport near the city of Groningen in the eponymous northern province.It is no coincidence that it is precisely the workers in the north have such a vehicle available. There are landelijkerichtlijnen in the event of a disaster within a specific period of time, a certain amount of casualties to deal with, and for hospitals to be able to carry. But in the northern part of the Netherlands, kentover, the overall increased driving distances and has less bed capacity in hospitals.

According to the figures from Sunday are up now, 179 people died from the effects of the corona virus. The national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM), has stated that since Saturday, the 43 deaths that have been added. So far this is the largest increase in the number of the dead. The age of the deceased is located between the 57 and 97 years of age.

Due to an overload in the hospitals in the country in which the province of Noord-Brabant), should be approximately 500 to 700 patients in the intensive care unit and other hospital wards, and elsewhere in the Netherlands can be made. This can be seen in the video below, share it via Twitter. The surgery is very busy.