In England, the truck driver caught by police and tried to get rid of cocaine, throwing it out the window, but did not notice that it’s closed. In the end, drugs scattered in the passenger compartment, police said Devon in his Twitter account may 7.

According to police, the truck was stopped on the M5, he followed in Devon.

Police estimated the cocaine of approximately 25 thousand pounds ($31 thousand dollars or 2.3 million).

In early February, the drug dealer from Yorkshire, being under the influence of drugs, accidentally sent the police a text message with your price list. During a search of the suspect bag found cocaine and MDMA totaling 3.65 thousand pounds (297,5 thousand). The man was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

In November, 2019, an American resident of Florida stated that the drugs got to him through a strong wind. Police searched his car and found the Central console a pipe with the remnants of the white matter. The man was charged with possession of paraphernalia for drug use, he was sent to prison.