Netflix has released a Comedy series about a new special unit of the U.S. armed forces — “Cosmic forces”. The authors of the comedian and actor Steve Carell and Creator of “the Office,” Greg Daniels. It was expected that comedians will create a scathing satire on trompowsky mode. In fact, the “Cosmic forces” — rather a lyrical tragicomedy about the man in the new world. Film critic Dmitry Barchenkov gives five reasons why this show still deserves your attention.In the summer of 2018, the American President Donald trump has instructed the Pentagon to begin creating a new military space forces, which, according to his idea, was to be a separate species of the armed forces of the United States, on account of the sixth. “We need to ensure American dominance in space,” famously said the President. But only in December 2019, the trump officially announced the establishment of a space force with an initial budget of $40 million of Ironic perception of this division in the digital environment provided, and other statements of trump’s early training flights of the Americans to Mars and the moon.The Agency has yet to show themselves. And they are probably not on hand that enhance the space of position States now have helped other power company, Space X, Elon musk. She just had a successful launch of its Dragon Crew vehicle into space, to the ISS. Ideological bandwagon substitute Carell and Daniels, creating their “Space forces”. At first glance.Sozdatelya account of writer Greg Daniels a decent number of successful Comedy projects. This sketchie show “Saturday Night Live” and several iconic episodes of the Simpsons, and other animation for adults — “king of the hill”. The truly glorified Daniels TV series “the Office” and “Parks and recreation”. Today, on account of his 12 nominations and 4 Emmy awards. Photo: NetflixВыдумать “Cosmic forces” Daniels helped the other guarding American movie and TV Steve Carell, whom we recently saw in a great and relevant series, “the Morning show”. The last time Daniels and Carell worked on the “Office” and more than five years is not met in the professional field. The return of the team of experienced were forced to believe in a new breath the American television Comedy — now on Netflix, where practically no creative restrictions.Humanistically, in the “Space forces” there are some good humorous hits. Some of them are situational, that is, belong to the traditional sitcom. The characters quite often find themselves in awkward situations in and out of them extremely ridiculous. To recall a series of troubles while searching for a Chinese spy in the Department. The other part of jokes, as expected, and satirical. Sometimes the creators allow themselves to bold “antithrombosis” passages in the spirit of ridiculing his Twitter addiction, or acts of racism, and��and irrepressible ego. In one scene, the younger employees are trying to give the President the name of the star. In this gesture the user does not believe, but in the end trump willingly accepts it and even proud of this gift.Photo: NetflixПравда, such political satire is surprisingly little. Especially toothless, the project looks at the background of the nightmare of protests after police killing of a black man, George Floyd began in Minneapolis. The whole “Cosmic forces” were afraid to enter the troubled territory, ironically more over their characters and building a dialogue between the past and the future.MAIN CHARACTER the Main drama concentrated in the Marche General Narda (actually Carell). In the first episode he was awarded the star of merit for the Motherland, himself Nard is preparing to get in control of the air force. But the government instructs him to lead the “raw” space forces. And even with not the easiest of tasks — ensuring American domination on the moon. For seasoned warriors, who personally passed military actions and thoughts are not the most progressive (but, by the way, the light) categories, innovative Agency seems extreme savagery. He is in conflict with middle-aged, but modern-minded scholar Adrian Mallory (great job John Malkovich) tries to temper his subordinates astronauts valor and courage, soothes of the government and prevents unexpected views of his wife (Lisa Kudrow of “Friends”). The love of his life not only for unknown reasons ended up in prison for 40 years, but also begins to meet with local guard and promote an open relationship.In other words, “Cosmic forces” is a drama trapped in the past of a good man. It wants to trample the time, and he tries to resist.ACTING Assembleable dignity “Space forces” — the actors. Almost all format Comedy nice and interesting to watch. In addition to the aforementioned Carell (who, by the way, already tried on the space form in SNL), Malkovich and Kudrow, the show is busy and Noah Emmerich (“Super 8”, “Walking dead”, “Billions”), Ben Schwartz (“Parks and recreation”, “robot Chicken”, “Interview”) and others. Special Russian pride can be experienced for singer Alexey Vorobyov. Him in “Cosmic forces” also got the role of the second plan — employee of Russia Yuri. The character is hopelessly in love with the daughter of a hero Carell. About pride we are a little sarcastically, because the game Vorobyov calls her name only (for what made it to such a large project), in good his acting skills still leave much to be desired.Photo: NetflixХОРОШЕЕ Nastaunitskaia that “Cosmic forces” a little justified, perhaps, too high expectations and sometimes seem too old-fashioned, they like their GLany hero Nard, with the main task of doing Comedy, that is, cause the viewer smile, the desire to be compassionate and provide good mood. Very soon about a new job for Carell and Daniels certainly not remember. But today in a rather difficult time of quarantine “Cosmic forces” will be if not the best, it is exactly the right gift.But if you want something more spicy, pungent, but no less charming, the series of Ryan Murphy’s “the Politician”, the second season of which kicks off on Netflix on June 19, will be very helpful.