DPRK authorities did not rule out the possibility of changing the status quo that had prevailed on the Korean Peninsula the last decade. As reported by the Pyongyang Agency KCNA, the authorities are exploring the possibility of returning troops in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) on the border with South Korea. The first explosion on the border between the two Koreas already made: according to Seoul, the forces of the DPRK destroyed the inter-Korean liaison office in the industrial zone Kaesong. DPRK authorities have confirmed the fact of explosion.The Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA) reported that Pyongyang’s intention to return the troops to some areas, demilitarized since 1953. According to the report, this would “transform the front line in the fortress to further strengthen vigilance against the South.” “Our army is closely watching the current situation, in which the relationship between the North and the South are getting worse and worse. And we are fully prepared to provide the military means any foreign policy decisions of the party and government,”— said the General staff of North Korea.Since 1953, when North and South Korea signed the armistice agreement, countries have gone through a number of periods of strained relations. Most often, the incidents occurred in connection with the actions in the Yellow sea or missile tests. As for the border zone at the 38th parallel, that troops only approached her, or were preparing to repel a possible attack, but Seoul and Pyongyang have not tried to revise its demilitarization. The last time troops from both sides were active in the DMZ back in 1966-1968, when the military of North Korea and South Korea conducted periodically against each other diversionary attacks.On Tuesday, June 16, Pyongyang has demonstrated that it is ready to move from words to deeds. As reported by the South Korean unification Ministry, the DPRK military blew up a liaison office between the North and the South in Kaesong, after which the forces of South Korea was brought into a state of combat readiness.Photo: ReutersНапомним, Kaesong is a unique North Korean city where can get a citizen of South Korea. There are industrial zone, founded in 2000 with the aim of establishing contacts between the countries.The DPRK broadcast of the Central television of the Republic read a statement in which he confirmed the undermining of the office building. “The Department on struggle with the enemy has taken measures towards the total elimination of the office of inter-Korean coordination in Kaesong”,— stated in the message.Responded to the explosion in Kaesong and beyond the Korean Peninsula. The hope that peace can be maintained, expressed, in particular, the Chinese foreign Ministry and the coordinator of the state Duma of the Russian Federation for cooperation with the DPRK, the Kazbek Taysaev. “We are concerned about the possible aggravation of the situation on the border of North Korea and South Korea”— he said “Interfax”.The current actions of the North Korean leadership fit into the logic of action Phenia��a, which had threatened Seoul “act of retribution” for distributing campaign leaflets with insults against the leadership of the DPRK. The management of this operation is entrusted to the sister of DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN — Kim ye Jong. The object for the first attack, too, was not chosen by chance: on the eve of the North Korean leadership has rejected any dialogue with Seoul, and the undermining of the office of communications confirms their intention.Kirill Krivosheev