The Domino principle what for Russia will end in a breakdown of isolation in Vladikavkaz

In Vladikavkaz dispersed a rally of opponents of self-isolation and the authorities of North Ossetia. Emotions whipped over the edge: one of the officials, who filmed the arrest of the people, even called the residents of the Republic of sheep. However, this is hardly the political crisis in North Ossetia, can be considered completed. Experts of “MK” told what this confrontation would end for Russia

Alexander Kynev, a political scientist:

– the Authorities are trying to discredit the protesters in Vladikavkaz, trying to label them as “avedissian” but you cannot deny the fact that a significant part of the population of Russia there are significant doubts about the information flow, which is devoted to coronavirus. In my surroundings people don’t see any epidemic or pandemic, but from the TV you hear hysterical. But the fact is that there are three things that make meaningless any company associated with the rigid social restrictions.

first, it is necessary to observe equality. Citizens are willing to tolerate unpopular measures, if the law is equal for all. There should be no beneficiaries and special passes. Otherwise it turns out that some are limited in their rights, and for others the law does not apply. In North Ossetia there is a huge number of complaints to the officials because of the fact that they do not comply with self-isolation. And then the question arises, how dangerous coronavirus, if they are not afraid of?

second, the carrot without the stick is not working. It is pointless to impose bans, if people get nothing in return.

third, any emergency action must be a guarantee that they operate for a certain period. You need a clear understanding of when the ban will be lifted. We see that the laws are introduced without any reservations in terms of maturity.

of Course people have a sense of injustice that drives people to a protest. Everything else is secondary. You need to understand that there is an acute stage of the conflict and its background.

the Situation is explosive, and she every day is heating up more and more. This is well illustrated by conversations between people, social media, and so on. Experience shows that the society is willing to tolerate as long as someone doesn’t start one, and what is included Domino theory.

in addition, you need to understand that Bitarov not really a popular head of the region. Under his leadership, is the largest regional business Empire “Bavaria”. A lot of people in the leadership of North Ossetia – it came from his business. It turns out that all sit at home and employees “of Bavaria” work.

Ilya Graschenkov, General Director of the Center for the development of regional policy:

– In Vladikavkaz, a meeting was held did not mind the isolation, but against Bitarova. When the authorities in North Ossetia incorrectly reacted to the preparation of the protest. They arrested the instigator and not worked with the population of this event. As a result, the crowd got to the main Republic square, where people were harshly dispersed. Moreover, social networks have been popping video where one of the employees of the government of the North Ossetia calls the people sheep. After that no coronavirus does not matter – it is a direct conflict between the people and the officials.

We can think of the neighboring Ingushetia, where the conflict over boundaries were not conclusively resolved, the neighboring Karachay-Cherkessia, and Kabardino-Balkaria, where also a lot of claims to the authorities In these republics may be repeated events, happening in North Ossetia. Anyway, the regional authorities have become lightning rods for the Federal government, which shifted all responsibility for combating coronavirus. Of course, the opposition may begin to speak out against the local ruling elites, accusing them that they do not cope with the situation. Such entities in Russia of about 20-30. This is mainly the South and Siberia.

on the one hand, such protests can be an occasion for political block of the Kremlin to change the leadership of the regions, and on the other, President Vladimir Putin does not like to bend under pressure from the public, considering it a sign of weakness. However, for the collective of the Kremlin is much more profitable to have time to rearrange as much as possible the number of governors, yet it allows the trust rating. In the future, resources may not be enough.

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