the Russian doctors have found an alternative to computed tomography (CT) to detect COVID-19 and the world’s first began to apply the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This method proved more effective and safer due use of electromagnetic waves instead of x-rays, according to Baza.

Experts Scientific-practical clinical center of diagnosis and telemedicine technologies in the Department of health of Moscow conducted a study at the clinic in Chechnya and found that MRI can be used not only when working with pregnant women and children, but the findings are more informative than CT. The whole procedure takes about ten minutes.

With the magnetic resonance apparatus doctors have discovered a new symptom of the disease caused by coronavirus infection, and called him cloudy sky sign (“the sign of the cloudy sky”) are blemishes on the images, similar to cloudy sky.

Use the device have already started in Dagestan, where there is a shortage of the devices CT and many infected people.

Earlier, Russian doctors began to detect the coronavirus using the Russia-UAE artificial intelligence. The technology conducts a remote analysis and recognition the CT images for a few minutes.