“buried Alive” rumors, Kim Jong-UN on Friday, may 1, appeared in public for the first time in three weeks. Network spread a video in which the leader of the DPRK comes out to a huge crowd of people and cuts the red ribbon in honor of the launch of the plant. However, in the video there are a few suspicious moments. They can testify that Kim something is wrong. General practitioner Olga Frick commented on what he saw.

Kim could not grasp with his left hand for the scissors, which offered him an assistant. Then, waddling from foot to foot, never choose a site for cutting.

Review of the doctor: “Shaking hands, swelling, gray complexion (even under a layer of makeup) can point to many problems — hangovers, kidney, hormones, sugar levels. And it’s another soft version. Perhaps Kim moves away from drugs (apart from alcohol but also from drugs). At the same time a high probability of having progressive diseases: multiple sclerosis, abnormalities of the thyroid gland (manifested due to running alcoholism and Smoking). I wouldn’t rule out that he suffered a stroke in relatively mild form.”

the Plant is symbolically opened, and Kim Jong UN welcomes his people. The peculiarity is that the video of Kim and the crowd are shown separately — first Kim claps, then the crowd cheering, then Kim waving his right hand, and again the crowd applauded. Did the installation? The selection of the most successful moments?

Review of the doctor: “About the installation can not say anything. The funny thing is: Kim everywhere without a mask. We can assume that he had just been exposed to coronavirus or on the road to recovery — fear of infection he not necessary.”

the Next picture is Kim, with accompanying at the factory. He walks the enterprise, riding on the electric car. During the presentation of the production sitting in a chair and holding a Smoking cigarette (or cigar) in his right hand. The left hand is for the most part hangs like a whip. At one point he tries to raise it, but quickly lowers.

Review of the doctor. “can Also be that Kim Jong-UN plexitis of the left hand (disease of the nervous plexus). Movement of the limb can make it difficult and uncomfortable coat.”

of Course, in order to “diagnose” a balanced, you need to have an idea of how Kim Jong-UN is “typically,” says our expert. And so very little information. But that man is ill, has a whole bunch of diseases and bad habits — obviously.

– In telecronaca we see a poorly functioning left hand and a drooping left corner of his mouth – told “MK” a rheumatologist Pavel Evdokimenko. – If you appreciate this video, it is with a probability of 80 percent of the recent stroke. In favor of this assumption is the fact that Kim Jong-UN acts�� the video is not quite adequate — we know that among the long-term effects of stroke is often found in Alzheimer’s disease, and at first, it can be expressed as an odd behaviour. The stroke hit the brain — no wonder in the old days, this disease was called apoplectic stroke.