the doctor-the otolaryngologist Vladimir Zaytsev described the symptoms that should alert a person, as can signal the presence of coronavirus in the body.

“the Feeling of weakness, like a hangover, the pain in her eyes. There is a decrease in sense of smell and inversion of tastes. That is, the food is tasteless, you can’t smell. All of this suggests the beginning of development of disease,” – explained the expert in the TV channel “Star”. These symptoms usually occur in the first two to three days after infection. When the body temperature is not increased to large values.

the virus Then goes down below. The person has osiplosti and a feeling of tickling in the throat. In some cases, the voice is changing out of all recognition. If at this stage not to start treatment, SARS-CoV-2 will continue the damaging effects already in the human lung. The critical symptom is shortness of breath. “Of course, you need to immediately seek medical assistance”, – concluded the expert.