The doctor listed the conditions for lifting quarantine

the Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski has called the conditions under which a possible attenuation introduced due to pandemic coronavirus restrictions and the lifting of the quarantine. The movie, in which he enumerated these criteria, published on its YouTube channel.

first, according to Komarovsky, hospitals must be able to safely treat all patients requiring hospitalization, without resorting to crisis standards of care. “That is, that before the doctor had no choice, one of the two patients to be connected to a single ventilator,” explained the doctor.

the Second and third condition he called the state’s ability to test anyone with symptoms of the coronavirus, as well as monitoring of confirmed cases and contacts.

in addition, for the easing and removal of quarantine measures must be recorded a steady reduction of cases of infection for at least 14 days. While Komorowski noted that in fact it is possible only in case, if the government massively tests the qualitative tests. So the doctor urged the audience to pay attention not only on the number of new cases of infection, but also on the number of tests.

Komorowski also noted that, in his opinion, there are two indicators, focusing on that you can understand how the situation is serious: the number of patients in intensive care and the percentage of positive diagnoses among those who made the tests.

Earlier, the TV presenter Elena Malysheva felt that Moscow was ready to cancel the quarantine measures. She noted that the objective of the quarantine was to reduce the peak incidence and give the medicine time to get ready. According to Malysheva, Moscow medical “more than ready.”