The doctor called advantage alcoholics in the confrontation with the coronavirus

a pediatrician and TV host Eugene Komorowski answered the question about the chances of alcoholics and drug addicts to resist infection with coronavirus. The video is available on his YouTube channel.

the Doctor said that he had not seen statistics on infected among users of alcohol and drugs, but noted that these people have the advantage: they are always in isolation. “And so they have a limited circle of acquaintances. Therefore, they have not so many chances to pick up the coronavirus,” said Komorowski.

In April, the doctor explained why some people are not infected with coronavirus, even after contact with an infected person. He said that this possibility is a local immunity. “Local immunity is the protective properties of the mucous membranes. On the surface of the mucous membranes of the nose, nasopharynx, larynx, bronchi, and mucus. In this slime contain special substances of secretory immunoglobulins. They can neutralize the virus directly where they are trying to infiltrate the body,” explained Komorowski.

In recent days in Russia revealed more than five thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. The total number of infected is almost 60 thousand. For the entire period recorded 513 deaths, recovered 4420 people.

the Number of infected in the world exceeded 2.5 million. The largest number of patients recorded in the United States, Spain and Italy.