The divers suggested the use of scuba gear to protect against coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus COViD-19 raised the question about the means of protection against new infection. The lack of insulating means has led to the fact that in order to protect medical personnel began to use the equipment for underwater sports and equipped with respiratory protection. With one of the engineers, brought together a protective suit with his hands was interviewed by “MK”.

With the beginning of the pandemic web users found that sites with large wholesalers of sports equipment lost equipment for snorkeling – diving under water with a tube and a special mask. Wholesalers prefer to transfer stock of masks to the doctors, because right now this rig is used as personal protective equipment in many hospitals and clinics.

a Protective suit in this case consists of a medical robe, mask for snorkeling, which is equipped with a tube filter. This outfit has no official approval, but deserved popularity among physicians. Technological peculiarities of construction of the protective suit “MK” revealed engineer Yakov. As he explained, kudos to him for anything and name he asked not to be named.

-How did the idea to assemble such a protective suit?

I Saw in the network, such as used by doctors. Decided – why not. Moreover, technology and skills allow.

-What are the necessary elements to assemble such a suit? It can be done by anyone?

-first, I would not recommend anyone use this remedy, but still assembled with your own hands, because it does not give an absolute guarantee. Second, it is unlikely anyone will succeed. All the masks have disappeared from the market, so now you can’t find them. I managed to buy one and assemble the costume, but again, even with the mask, this is not very simple. Need a 3-D printer and a skill.

-the Printer filters?

-the Modern filters are made from materials that print still do not know how. Therefore, if necessary, print only the adaptors for the filters so they are snug against the mask without a gap. 3D model of the adapter is in the public domain, it is loaded into the software of a 3D printer, and it prints layers of an adapter. As far as I know, many campaigns for 3D printing now voluntarily sacrificing the adapters in the hospital.

what filters are used?

-costumes for physicians use medical, they are now not get. I for your own personal suit took the usual construction filter for protection against aerosols.

-And the reliability of such protection?

-models adapter posted online, certification no. The work of craftsmen is at your own risk. Some protection in any case he provides, but to offer this to others I would not ��tal. If hospitals urgently need, then of course sacrifice. But I hope that this will not come up. If the suit is created with all the rules, like doctors, he may to protect them. But here is a question to doctors and specialists biological defense – what they think is a reasonable degree of protection.