Great friends you are, Roger Federer and Gerard Piqué. The Barcelona Star and Davis Cup reformer, said last week in a Radio Interview about the Tennis Star and his relationship with the Davis Cup.

In the program “El Larguero” on the Spanish channel “La Cadena SER” shoot Piqué against Federer: “My perception is that he and his environment to see the Davis Cup as a competition for your Laver Cup in September.”

pique: “Was surprised to describes from Federer’s words,”

Piqué, as he tried to inspire Federer for the reformed Davis Cup. “I’ve always respected the steps that are to follow. First of all, I’ve spoken with his agent,” says Piqué. “I showed him the possibility of Switzerland to invite, if he’s with us.”

Even in writing he had requested. “I have written a formal letter. I was very surprised by his words, when he said that there was nothing he could talk to me.”

The defender wishes that Federer is the Davis Cup again is a Chance, as he told already recently. “He is a great player who is regarded by many as the Best in history. I don’t know if he will ever play in this competition, but we will give it our Best.”

Davis Cup is not dependent on Federer

the Davis Cup to be had on Federer. “If not, I am pleased with those who show interest and commitment. We have a dream of competition.”

This year, the week of 18. – 24. November in Madrid to the title in the Davis Cup in 2019. The new Format of the Finals, with 18 Nations split last year, the Tennis world. Because Piqué with his billions, cosmos group, in cooperation with the international tennis Federation ITF, the tradition of competition radically transformed.

Federer: “it’s Funny to have a footballer in our world”

Also, Roger Federer (38) was one of the critics, and put with Piqué. “I’ve spoken with pique,” said Federer of a year ago. “To be quite honest: It’s been a little weird for us tennis players, to have a footballer in our world. He must be very careful in how he tells everything. To make it Cup no Piqué.”

Federer renounced as Stan Wawrinka on participating in the Swiss Davis Cup Team for the qualifying Games for the Finals in February. Switzerland failed due to Russia and missed the Finals. (sme)